Love, serve and defend life

Our priority are the unborn

Why give priority to the defense of the unborn?

Three are the main reasons. 

1. Because in the womb is the stage when the human being is more vulnerable, more poor, more helpless. On one occasion the Mother Teresa of Calcutta said: "Today the poorest of the poor are the unborn".

2. Because, painfully, family members are those who commit the crime against the unborn, when the family is called to be the sanctuary of life. 

3. Because we live in a "culture of death" that favors abortion, even to the point of removing the legal protection to the unborn. 

The Pro Life apostolate is a vocation, a call from God that we must respond

We can not remain indifferent

What can we do?

We all serve for something, but we don't serve for all

The key word is to "discern" for what God is calling me in this apostolate of the defence of life 


The soul of all apostolate is the parayer, so also for  the love, defence and service to life.

One of the ministries is to pray at the the abortion mills, accompanying Jesus who is crucified in the aborted babies.

The custom of celebrating mass with the blessing of the pregnant mothers is also spreading.

Campaigns such as 40 days of prayer and fasting are aiding the conversion of abortionists. 


Education is a basic tool to be able to serve.  We can begin to investigate the material that is posted on this Web.

There are now several educational proposals, ranging from workshops and short courses, to university studies as doctorates in subjects related to life.

A non faith base education is required to be able to discuss in public spaces with non-believers.


Organize a pro life committee in the parish is a starting point for joint initiatives.

Some offer their time in centers of assistance to pregnant women. Others would prefer to work in the ministries of post abortion healing. Some will feel called to work in the prevention of the abortion with the young. Others feel the call to organize courses on pro-lifeissues. Others call God to work with legislators and politicians. Others desingning  pro life web sites. Countless are the various fields in which you can serve 

The "clock" of abortion worldwide

You can see it by clicking on the following link

In this counter you will see the number of abortions in the U.S. today, in  US this year, since 1973 when was decriminalized abortion at the federal level, those carried out by the biggest transnational of abortion Planned Parenthood since 1970,  by Planned Parenthood this year, at the United States after 16 weeks of gestation.   This year in the USA claiming incest or rape,  blacks aborted in the USA since 1973,  in the world since 1980, in the world this year, since you uploaded the page, and in the world today. 

If you are suffering because you had an abortion(or more), or know someone who needs help

There is hope for healing. In the links below, you will get the help you need. Many others have already achieved it. 

Other women already have received the healing of God and they are giving public testimony to save the life of the mothers and their babies. We invite you to know the testimonyof Patricia Sandoval, who had three abortions and worked as a nurse in an abortion mills. You can click on the following link to view your web page:

So think that these pregnant? Are you scared? Are you considering an abortion? Are you looking for options?

  You can send us an email or chat anonymously with us by clicking on the following link

Those who are in the United States can call us for free: 

1-866-7- OPCION 

ó al 1-800-712-4357. 

Pregnancy resource centers

Don't forget to click on the links to view information.

Here you will get the centers that help to the mothers with pregnancy in crisis. Either to keep their child or give them to adoption. It is very important to know this information because many lives will depend on that you can give the right information to a MOM who is thinking that the solution to her 'problem' is to kill her son.

Abortion prevention  

Contemporary christian education of sexuality  

This proposal is more oriented for marriage and for young adults. 

This video is especially effective as a starting point with youth groups. 

To imitate

A monthly initiative

We will investigate and we will share it with you

How to start a Pro life Committee?

Some pictures to share  

Sharinga picture can save a life.  We update it once a week. 

100% Pro life and family singers

Pro life spirituality

We can have a relation with God from the charisma of the defence of life  

Here 10 short videos to explain it

You can use youtube subtitles translation  


Want to know 

how we can help you.

We are here to serve you.

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