About us

We invite you to know us

Custodes Vitae (Custodians of life) are a group of compuestso who feel the appeal of God to serve,love and defend the life, on a priority basis not born life, and we are ready to respond promptly to this call.

The only requirement to join Custodes Vitae is to make a commitment before God to defend, to love and to serve the life of the unborn, since the specific vocation to which God has called us: matrimonial, religious, priestly life, monk of closing, etc. Ourspirituality is that of the good Samaritan who not evades service who are needy, aware that the ideal is to work as a team but that, although all those who surround uswere not willing to serve the unborn, we won't excuse before God if we do not helpthem. The call and response in this regard is individual.

We firmly believe that the spiritual insight is especially necessary since this Ministryare human lives at stake. So try as soon as possible get a good spiritual director thatyou orient and teach you the art of spiritual discernment. Jesuit priests and the Capuchin Friars could be a good choice.

The great master of the spiritual discernment in the Catholic Church is called San Ignacio de Loyola, whom Dios inspired a method to discern and today several institutions offer it. We recommend this site where spiritual exercises are offered online andare true to the original spirit. 

Finally I invite you to read the content of our site and enter through the doors that you indicate that you you teams to defend more and better life. God blesses you andkeeps.